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  Public Ticket #1267338
Strange logo overlay on mobile view


  • robwalden1 started the conversation

    Three things thanks:

    1) When I go to mobile view, there is an overlay of the logo which sticks on the screen as you scroll down the page. It takes over the whole page (mobile only - on Samsung S8 but guessing others!?) I really don't want that showing... it looks awful.

    2) Dmenu - not sure what this is... it is underneath the main menu in visual editor but above the first Rev Slider. It's odd and shows the background through... I tried entering more text to see if it would show (alongside the word Dmenu) but it doesn't show when I refresh.

    3) I can't seem to change the red line next to the menu (annimates on rollover). I tried various options in various editable areas to customize but could not get the sticky menu consistent with the main scrolling menu - so I reset everything to default in a bit of frustration.

    Help appreciated as a new user of this theme...it's a lovely theme though.

    What WOULD be great - so we can make the most of the Rev slider animated demos would be different coloured images (other than red and blue) - mainly cerise pink. As, we can duplicate the shapes and change the colours  and then re-load them in to the media gallery and then replace the red with the pink, but it's a big fiddle and I think that the theme designer will always do this a whole lot better than an editor without messing it up.... otherwise we are always restricted to Red / Blue.

    Many thanks!


  • robwalden1 replied

    Hello? Anyone out there 2?

  •  1,017
    MIkado replied


    We're sorry for the late response! Ticksy system has been experiencing some issues.

    1. and 2. Unfortunately, we're not able to reproduce that problem, can you please assist with the screenshot so we can tell exactly what is going on?

    3. To change the color of that red area, please add this code into Mikado Options > General > Custom CSS

    .mkdf-main-menu ul li a>span.item_outer:before {
            border-bottom: 2px solid #0000ee;

    Just add your favorite color instead of ours.

    When it comes to Revolution Slider, we've provided you with useful links in your other post so you can take a look. Generally, we do not provide support for third party plugins in terms of content building, only for plugin installation and compatibility with our software.


    Best regards

  • robwalden1 replied

    Works perfectly - thanks! 

    And yes, this Ticksy thing has been a bit of a nightmare with slow loading and bad-gateway timeouts etc. for a while.

  • robwalden1 replied

    Think it's all sorted. Thanks

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    MIkado replied

    You're welcome!

    We hope you’re happy with our theme and our support. If you are, we’d really appreciate it if you could visit http://themeforest.net/downloads and leave a five star rating next to our theme’s name. Thank you!

    Best regards