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After latest Google Chrome browser update a new issue arose with menu display. 
Please, check this article https://mikado.ticksy.com/article/11648

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Change main color


  • Carlos started the conversation

    Is it possible to change the main color of Mikado Indigo Theme?

    I'd like to use my client main color. If it's not possible through admin, is the best way to do it with a child theme?

    Thank you!

  • Carlos replied

    Nevermind... :D

  •  810
    MIkado replied


    We're sorry for the late response! Ticksy system has been experiencing some issues.

    We're glad if you've solved problem. Generally, the option is named First Main Color and it could be found in Mikado Options > General.

    If you need any further help, we're will to answer!

    Best Regards!

    Best regards