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slider compatibilities


  • bamboora started the conversation

    Hi Mikado ,

    I have tried 3 different image magnifier such as YITH, woozoom, and woocommerce image zoom , but none of them worked for me.Wanted to ask if there is any zoom magnifier that works the best with Depot theme?

    Thank you so much

  •  1,017
    MIkado replied


    Sorry for late response! We had a problem with ticket system and because of that we late with answer. Thanks for understanding.

    Unfortunately we didn't tested neither of these plugins with our theme, but we can check how this work on your side if you send to us WP admin access. We cannot promise you that we have solution for this but we can check this for you.

    Best regards

  • bamboora replied

    Hi Mikado !

    my wp username is ;




    thank you!

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    MIkado replied

    Hi there,

    We can not access your site https://www.screencast.com/t/mMkv5e1Paz

    But we have tested this on our site and you should be able to use YITH Woocmmerce Magnifier plugin with our theme.


    If you still having issues please check wit your server why we can't reach your site and let us know when we would be able to login.

    Try also to deactivate your thirdparty plugins because they could interfere with the themes files and it can be the reason why your zoom isn't working.

    Once we are able to log in to your site we can also check if this works and if it is not we can try to detect what is causing this.


    Best regards